PATLOCK is a home security product and the ULTIMATE VISUAL DETERRENT for would be intruders, while providing home owners with instant peace of mind.

PATLOCK has been designed and developed in the UK to assist home owners in securing their property against burglars and the growing trend of lock snapping.

Most forced entry burglaries are committed through the weakest point at the rear of the property, usually the Patio or French Doors.

Entry to French Doors fitted with standard handles and locks can be forced in less than 30 seconds.

  • Instant French door security lock
  • Easily fitted and released in seconds
  • No keys or code number required
  • Adds extra security and peace of mind
  • Supplied with a pair of tamper resist door spindles.
  • Locks patio doors securely, stops intruders fast
  • Patent registered design, developed in the UK

Each PATLOCK comes with a pair of Tamper resist spindles which once fitted cannot be removed from the exterior, enhancing the security that PATLOCKprovides.

We recommend that you use the services of a locksmith for the initial fit of the PATLOCK spindles, unless you are confident that the instructions provided can be followed successfully.

Both PATLOCK and the tamper resist spindles are Patent registered products.

They are only available through and our authorised partners.

PATLOCK is to be used as an additional security device for French Doors and not as a replacement for existing locks.