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The Neighbourhood Watch scheme in the United Kingdom is a partnership intended to bring people together to make their communities safer. It involves the police, Community Safety departments of local authorities, other voluntary organisations and individuals and families who ostensibly want to make their neighbourhoods better places to live. It aims to help people protect themselves and their properties and to reduce the fear of crime by means of improved home security, greater vigilance, accurate reporting of suspicious incidents to the police and by fostering a community spirit. Patlock have been proud associates of the Neighbourhood Watch scheme since 2015 and continue to support the good work that their members contribute towards. For further information CLICK HERE.

Secured by Design works with the industry and test houses to create high level security standards, responding to trends in crime, and has given input on a number of key standards .The principles of the scheme have been proven to reduce the risk of crime and the fear of crime. Tested to the highest level, Patlock has been awarded the “Secured by Design” accreditation and is recommended by Police Forces and Crime Prevention Associations throughout the UK.

Patlock is an excellent example of home security innovation. Designed to secure your French doors, Patlock is simple to fit, secure and meets the security standards needed to be a member of the Official Police Crime Prevention Initiative, Secured by Design.

Kenny McHugh - Development Officer, Secured by Design

Working with Police Forces to help reduce crime throughout the UK and Ireland.

When I saw Patlock I immediately saw its potential. Patio doors enhance our homes but can be a boon for burglars, often they are the entrance of choice for thieves. Patlock is not only a police approved product that makes a door harder to break – it is a visible deterrent.

Mike Barton - Chief Constable, Durham Constabulary

Patlock are affiliate members of The Master Locksmiths Association (MLA), a not for profit organisation established to promote the level of skills and ethics within the industry. The MLA have an established licensing scheme whereby its approved companies are vetted and undergo regular inspections to ensure quality.

Supporting Neighbourhood Watch Scotland and their 1700 registered schemes throughout the country. 

Neighbourhood Watch Scotland is always looking to recommend approved and proven products to our members and communities. The Patlock is such a crime prevention and safety device, offering both enhanced security and a visible deterrent

Brian Connel - Manager, Neighbourhood Watch Scotland

OWL is proud to work with Patlock, promoting this innovative and easy to use lock. Patlock helps to reduce the risk of crime, providing a visual deterrent, a second line of defence and peace of mind to homeowners

Gary Fenton - Founder, OWL Protect

After purchasing a PATLOCK online after seeing it advertised I was extremely happy with the quality of the product. Unfortunately for me I couldn’t use it as I only have one arm so I could lock it but not unlock it. This was very annoying for me as this meant I had to get someone to help which wasn’t always an option leaving me exposed on a night.

After contacting Craig Knott from the company he was very keen on finding me a solution. Within a few days he had modified the mechanism and sent me a new one out at no extra cost so I could lock it and unlock it with ease.Once again I’m secure and can sleep at night and this is all because of the PATLOCK company who went the extra mile!

I recommend this to all as it’s a fantastic bit of kit.

Mick Hall (Leeds)