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Frequently asked questions

Why do I need a Patlock?

Most forced entry burlaries are committed through the weakest point at the rear of the property, usually the Patio or French Doors. Standard euro cylinder locks can be forced in less than 30 seconds.

How does Patlock work?

Patlock works by holding the internal handles secure and restricting the movement of the exterior handles. This ensures the multi-point locks and shoot bolts in the door locking mechanism remain engaged, even if the cylinder locks have been snapped or removed.

Do I still need to lock my French Doors with a Patlock fitted?

Yes, The Patlock is an effective secondary lock and visible deterrent, providing additional security. However, we strongly recommend locking your doors before fitting the Patlock.

What if I need to get out of the house quickly?

The Patlock has no keys or combination lock and can be easily removed in seconds.

Is Patlock endorsed by the police?

Yes. Patlock is proud to hold the Police approved "Secured By Design" accreditation and is recommended by police forces throughout the United Kingdom.

I have a problem operating the Patlock, what do I do?

Please email your contact details to and we will call you to assist.

I bought a Patlock, but do I need to fit the spindles?

Patlock works without fitting the spindles, but we supply the spindles to provide an extra level of protection. Once fitted, the spindles remain intact, ensuring the internal handles and Patlock stay secure.

I've fitted the Patlock spindles, but how do I remove them if I need to change the locking mechanism?

You can remove the spindles by releasing the spring clips with a fine flat headed screwdriver. If this doesn't work, hit the spindle from the inside with a rubber mallet to release. If either the spindle or clip are damaged during removal please email and we will send replacement parts.

I'm moving house and need another set of spindles, where do I get them?

Please send your contact details to and we will post a replacement set to you.

Any questions regarding lost or missing parts. 

Please send your contact details to and we will post the parts that you require.

My French Doors are fitted with 1 handle, will a Patlock still be suitable?

Patlock has been designed to work on French Doors fitted with 2 handles, but if you only have 1 handle an option is to fit an internal dummy handle on the opposite door.

My door handles are curved, will a Patlock fit?

Patlock fits the majority of door handles with the largest part of the the handle receiving section being 32mm in diameter at the opening. If you have purchased a Patlock and find that it is unsuitable, Patlock offer a full refund service. Please contact

What size is a Patlock and how heavy is it?

When closed the dimensions of the Patlock are 39 x 6.7 x 4.2cm and 1 unit weighs 925g, 

What components come with the Patlock?

With each Patlock there is also a set of "tamper resist" spindles & clips, 2 window stickers and an instruction leaflet.