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Seriously Good
We had seen this product on Dragons Den and we were impressed, after using them for a few weeks now I can tell you this item is seriously good! Worth every penny.
Peter Banks - April 7th 2017

Good added security
Bought for my mum after her neighbour had been broken into for added security. They fit really well on a standard patio door and are easy to fit and remove if the door is in regular use. Do not look too imposing either. Has made her feel much safer and every little deterrent is worth while.
CLO - 3rd May 2017

Does what it says. At last i've found additional security for my French doors (as if the dogs aren't enough!). So easy to put on and more importantly to take off if there is an emergency. Highly recommend.
Hannah Stanton - 16th April 2017


Very easy to use, looks good
Looks good and easy to use.
Barry - Merseyside 16th Aug 2017

Patlock makes my home more secure
Patlock makes my home more secure. Colour matches my frames and handles so doesn't overly stand out. It's a deterrent and stops French doors being easily forced. Saw this product on dragons den and now all my friends and family have bought them on my recommendation.
Smithers - Wirral 8th August 2017

Great Item
This patlock is so brilliant, it's sturdy and easy to use, and no messing about with keys either, it's also a visible deterrent. brilliant item.
Sumo - Peterborough 19th July 2017